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Thread: Fedex Hazardous Shiping charge?

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    cfwebmasters is offline Junior Member
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    Default Fedex Hazardous Shiping charge?

    Is there anyway to flag specific items as Hazardous that will either get a hazardous rate from FEDEX for real time shipping or append a separate Shipping charge per item? I can flag an item as ships separately but I don't see any way to add additional shipping charges per item (maybe I'm blind)

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    ASPAlfred is offline Senior Member
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    There is no specific flag like that built-in the admin. You can workaround it though by creating a HAZMAT Surcharge item with its price. You can then go to the hazardous product itself and set the HAZMAT Surcharge Item as a Required Product under Options tab in the product manager's page. Once the hazardous product is added, the HAZMAT surcharge item will be added in the cart as well.

    You might also want to have a good shipping policy statement, terms of service, etc on your site, and enforce agreement during checkout. See this appconfig: RequireTermsAndConditionsAtCheckout=true, and setup topic called CheckoutTermsAndConditions