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Thread: Mobile Redirect

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    seasonalsin is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2006

    Default Mobile Redirect

    Working on a mobile site in and have a page that can only be viewed in the full browser mode.

    Is there a way to direct them there with mobileleave.aspx and then have ?redirect=t-newpage.aspx once it gets to the live site?

    So example relative link might be <a href="mobileleave.aspx?redirect=t-newpagename.aspx">Go to this page on main site</a>

    Currently 7.1 moving to MS9.3

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    mmcgeachy is offline Senior Member
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    Sep 2008


    yes there is that feature it just uses a different query string name try:

    <a href="mobileleave.aspx?returnurl=t-newpagename.aspx">Go to this page on main site</a>